Water's Edge: Reflections & Refractions

The new Southampton art gallery, Noted, curated & owned by newlyweds Lizzy Fraser Murray and Carl Murray, will host the opening Reception of the group exhibition, “Water’s Edge: Reflections & Refractions.” The show will run from July 3 through August 7 and displays works by internationally acclaimed artists Barbara Vaughn, Rex Ashlock & Hans Van de Bovenkamp.


Barbara Vaughn’s photographs instill in their audience a simultaneous sense of excitement and contemplation. The exhibit showcases Vaughn’s work in which water is both subject and co-creator, reflecting a representation of form that lends itself to a myriad of possible understandings and appreciation. Through the artist’s hand and masterful lens, Vaughn abstracts and elevates quotidian visual narratives to the realm of the surreal.


The canvases of Rex Ashlock invite us to see the world through a literal perspective that can only be imagined: that of a seagull. From a bird’s-eye view, the artist’s mind is given voice in oil depictions of coast-lines that subtly depict images of lovers swimming, stormy skies and bathing women. The artist’s waves generously function in tandem as invitation and screen to the voyeur’s gaze.


Through their use of water, Vaughn and Ashlock challenge our visual vernacular. The works are complemented by the galleries standing display of Hans Van de Bovenkamps’ work whose transcendent sculpture arguably serve as accolades to metaphysics.


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